PAPAYA/CEPEA: Exports are recovering in second semester

Partial volume in 2018 is close to last year

By Gabriel Coneglian and Marcela Barbieri
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PAPAYA/CEPEA: Exports are recovering in second semesterSee photos

Piracicaba, 27th – Exported volume of Brazilian papaya started much lower in 2018 in relation to 2017, but it has been recovering in the last few months, according to Secex data. Shipments were in slow pace because of low prices in 2017, resulting in decapitalization and small investments in renovation of planting – mainly for havaí variety.

Partial volume of international shipments in 2018 (January to August) totalized 28.7 thousand of tonnes, a decrease of only 3% in relation to the same months of 2017. Revenue summed up US$ 30.7 million with the shipments, an increase of 20% in the same comparison.

According to Hortifruti/Cepea collaborators, demand for tropical fruits usually rises in North Hemisphere in September, but low supply in Brazil, mainly for formosa variety, may limit exports in the period.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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