OVERVIEW 2019: Papaya

How was the market last year?

By João Victor Pereira e Marcela Barbieri
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OVERVIEW 2019: PapayaSee photos

Piracicaba, 7th – Papaya area remained in 2019. Although initially expected to increase considering good profitability in 2018, climatic and phytosanitary setbacks resulted in area losses.

In Bahia state, there was an impact of viruses on production, which required roguing. In Rio Grande do Norte state, heavy rainfall in some periods increased the incidence of fungal diseases and caused losses in new crops.

As a result, papaya supply was lower in 2019, boosting prices strongly - for havaí, the values were record high for the Cepea series, which began in 2001. However, these prices do not indicate good sector profitability, as few growers had fruit available during peak periods.

To see the details about the papaya market in 2019, visit the Annuary 2019-2020 from Hortifruti Brasil magazine.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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