FRUITS/CEPEA: Exports are 14% higher in 2017 than previous year

Shipments can keep strong in 2018

By Letícia Julião
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FRUITS/CEPEA: Exports are 14% higher in 2017 than previous yearSee photos

Piracicaba, 22 - Fresh fruit exports from Brazil summed almost US$ 715 million (FOB) in 2017, 14% higher than previous year, according to Secex data. The most exported fruit, in revenue, remains mango (US$ 205 Mi.) for the fourth consecutive year. Demand for this exotic fruit is growing, mainly in North Hemisphere. The second most exported fruit is melon (US$ 162 Mi.). Although this fruit is losing market for watermelon (US$ 36 Mi.), exports continued strong – but there is a need for new buyers to increase shipments, such as Middle East.

As for apples (US$ 41 Mi.) and table grapes (US$ 96 Mi.) exports recovered in 2017. For the first one, good production promoted an upward. For the second one, the expansion of new varieties stimulated shipments, even in the first semester, an atypical period for it. Another fruit that is expanding in international market is avocado (US$ 10 Mi.), with good demand in Europe and the United States.

On the other hand, lemons and limes (US$ 82 Mi.), papayas (US$ 41 Mi.) and bananas (US$ 11 Mi.) registered a decline in exports in 2017. To limes, low production in the second semester was the cause of the drop. To the other two, lack of water reduced quantity and quality, influencing in fewer shipments.

In 2018, fresh Brazilian fruit exports shall be strong. The expectation is that US dollar exchange rate will remain above BRL 3.00, which makes exports competitive.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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