CITRUS/CEPEA: Rains may anticipate higher supply of tahiti lime to October

Quotes increased sharply in São Paulo State in September

By Caroline Ribeiro and Fernanda Geraldini
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CITRUS/CEPEA: Rains may anticipate higher supply of tahiti lime to OctoberSee photos

Piracicaba, 3rd – Tahiti lime quotes increased sharply in São Paulo State in September, boosted by the low supply in the field – most fruits from the new blossoming were still green and had not reached the size and color demanded by the in natura sector yet.

Last month, tahiti lime average price was 110% higher than in August and 19.4% above that in September/17, in nominal terms. Late in the month, however, quotes dropped slightly, reflecting the harvesting resume in some regions, after the rainy period, and the higher availability of small-sized fruits.

OCTOBER – Tahiti lime farmers consulted by Cepea believe supply may increase slightly in the second fortnight of October, based on the rains from late September in São Paulo. Although tahiti lime availability is usually low this month, higher moisture should favor fruits growth in non-irrigated orchards. Prices, however, may continue firm, despite the higher supply forecast, since warmer weather tends to boost the demand for this fruit.

INTERNATIONAL – According to information from Fresh Plaza, heavy rains in tahiti lime producing regions from Mexico late last month led the farmers from Veracruz to interrupt fieldwork, which could lower supply from that country. This context was concerning local farmers, while for Brazilian growers, it can be an opportunity, since Mexico is an important competitor in the tahiti lime market.

This year, the Brazilian exportations of tahiti lime had been record until July. In August, however, shipments of lemon and lime totaled only 5.06 thousand tons, 31% down compared to July/18 and 8.2% below that in August/17, according to data from Secex. Thus, from January to August, the amount exported was 0.4% lower than that in the same period last year.

ORANGE – The rains observed in São Paulo State in the second fortnight of September favored the settlement of the flowers that will originate the 2019/20 oranges. The citrus farmers consulted by Cepea reported that the orchards from the Jales (SP) region were the most developed – in this area, fruitlets could already be observed in that period. In the remaining regions, in turn, production was more homogeneous only in irrigated orchards.

The slower harvesting pace, due to rains, and the consequent lower supply of all varieties underpinned orange quotes last month. From September 3 to 28, pear orange prices averaged 31.39 BRL per 40.8-kilo box, on tree, 8% up compared to that in August.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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