TOMATO/CEPEA: Finally, prices go up!

Why did the price increase?

By Luana Guerreiro, Lenise A. Molena, João Paulo Deleo e Marina Marangon
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TOMATO/CEPEA: Finally, prices go up!See photos

Piracicaba, 04th - After a long period of low prices, tomato market is warming up again. Quotes rose significantly in most producer regions, due to a reduction in national supply in the first half of winter season.

In Mogi Guaçu (São Paulo state), tomato price rose 42.6% between September 24th and 26th, closing at BRL 42.50 per box. On the other hand, this price is only for higher quality tomatoes, because part of the production was affected by rain.

In Araguari (Minas Gerais state) quotes have increased by 31.6% and price was BRL 30.56 per box. However, only 40% of production has good quality.

The second half of winter season harvest will start in mid-October and price might go down again.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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