LETTUCE/CEPEA: Volume reduces in November

However, low quality prevents increase in prices

By Isabela Camargo e Marina Marangon
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LETTUCE/CEPEA: Volume reduces in NovemberSee photos

Piracicaba, 6th – Lettuce losses, mainly for iceberg variety, were high in São Paulo state – Mogi das Cruzes and Ibiúna regions – due to high volume of rain last month, what pushed prices up in the first half of November.

On the other hand, higher humidity resulted in low quality of lettuce, considering the increased incidence of diseases in production, limiting prices. In the second half of November, weather conditions improved and contributes to better quality and supply in São Paulo state.

Since summer is approaching, producers tend to increase planting, so sales of seedlings are higher.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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