GRAPE/CEPEA: Exports to Europe begin

Growers from Vale do São Francisco are enthusiastic about shipments

By Ana Roselino e Letícia Julião
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GRAPE/CEPEA: Exports to Europe beginSee photos

Piracicaba, 13 - Table grape exports shall initiate in week 35 (mid-September) and producers from Vale do São Francisco (in Northeast of Brazil), expect a positive scenario. Although, Peru super production and a possibility of season extension in Puglia, Italy, can limit volume shipped from Brazil to Europe this year. On the other hand, losses in Greece can balance this scenario. Last year, exports summed 33 thousand tonnes to European Union between September and November, according to Secex data.

Growing demand of seedless varieties and a good season development in Vale do São Francisco may guarantee the success of Brazilian season. This semester, a major part of volume harvested is of Arra 15 variety – white seedless grapes have been a good take-up in European and Asian markets. Besides that, low supply in international market may help in prices increase. Conversely, BRS vitória (black seedless) acceptance shall be smaller this year because quality problems in 2017, limiting orders in 2018.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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