BANANA/CEPEA: Cavendish variety is more valuable

Prata season's peak push quotes down

By Letícia Julião
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BANANA/CEPEA: Cavendish variety is more valuableSee photos

Piracicaba, 18 - Cavendish bananas shall continue with high prices in October, even above prata variety quotation. Supply of cavendish may be low in Vale do Ribeira (São Paulo state) this month while prata variety will still be in peak of season in North of Minas Gerais state. Since 2015, this scenario has been occurring in Brazilian market – cavendish quotes surpass prata ones due to supply in October.

In 2018, however, this scenario started in August. In September, for example, banana cavendish was sold by BRL 1.19/kg in North of Minas Gerais, price 48% higher than prata quotes.

It is worth noting that prata variety is generally more valued than cavendish in domestic market.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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