APPLE/CEPEA: Outlook for 2019

Will crop profitability be positive this year?

By Isabela Camargo e Marcela Barbieri
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APPLE/CEPEA: Outlook for 2019See photos

Piracicaba, 19 – Hortifruti/Cepea collaborators expect apple planting area to remain in 2018/19 season. Even so, a higher volume of production is expected since weather was good for fruit development and there can be a resumption of fuji supply.

It is worth mentioning that fruit quality also should improve this season, especially when it comes to apple size – larger sizes can benefit domestic and international commercialization. As field activities of 2018/19 season were delayed, starting for gala only in February, a lower supply of apples boosted prices in the national market early 2019.

Do you want to know more about the apple market forecast for 2019? Check the Annuary 2018-2019 of Hortifruti Brasil magazine, clicking here.


Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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