APPLE/CEPEA: Harvest of fuji variety is intensified in April

Quality is better than last season

By Letícia Julião and Isabela F. Luiz
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APPLE/CEPEA: Harvest of fuji variety is intensified in AprilSee photos

Piracicaba, 06 - The harvest of fuji apple variety will be intensified in April in South of Brazil. São Joaquim (Santa Catarina state) was the first region to start the activity – in the first week of March. Region of Vacaria (Rio Grande do Sul state) initiated one week before. In mid March, fuji wasn’t so ripe and volume harvested was only 15% of the fuji season in these regions. In Fraiburgo (Santa Catarina state), fuji will be harvest in April. In general, the quality of fuji apple is good and better than the previous season – winter 2016 contributed to better color and form.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

Tags: apple, Brazil, Cepea, fuji, harvest, HF Brasil, season 2016/17

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